The E.R. Stage 5 or 6: Four More Chapters Left!

I lost count of how many stages I’ve gone through so far…

Go for the Goal!!!

I finished another 2 chapters.

Have four more chapters to go before I finish PART 2 completely.


If things go well, I’ll be able to finish PART 3 and PART 4 in no time.

I have 418 pages so far. I’m literally half-way through.

My hardest, most problematic chapters are these 5 coming up right here. And yes, I said 5 ’cause one of them is the first chapter of PART 3. Once I finish these chapters, I can just edit the remaining pages and finally get this book set-up for a paperback copy and deliver it to my house.

I may wait it out some more, depending on what happens tomorrow and the following week. After I finish this third book, I still won’t publish until I can get the fourth book entirely rewritten and reorganized. If I can’t finish that last book, I’m pretty much dead…

I'm dead


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