Reading Out Loud Helps With Editing…

You can do it!

So, I’m back to editing again, folks.

We’ll see it goes with these second pair of glasses I found in my room…

I’m using a combination of both now, after switching the handles with an older one. All I used was a tiny screwdriver and that was it. These glasses are about a few years old and they have screws to hold everything in place, but they’re lighter now…which hopefully means, less headaches for me.

So I’m using them for the time being until I can’t use them anymore. I did a little reading for Chapter 8 of NR today and hoping to move onto Chapter 9. I’ll start my exercising at 8 and do that for an hour. I need to be in tip top shape just in case I start working again next month or so.Exercising!  Yay!

Yesterday, I decided to read a little of Siren Suicides, a book series by Ksenia Anske. Still haven’t finished it. Right now, I’m on book 1, since I’m kinda slow at the moment. Nothing eventful is going on is my life…figured I might as well do something while I wait.

I’m also thinking of reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. It’s an old time classic of mine. I remember watching the cartoon when I was younger. One of my favorites. We’ll see how that goes…

Anyway, I bought two brand new pair of glasses at America’s Best Contacts and Glasses. It wasn’t bad at all. Got the free eye exam with it as well and it came up to only $400 dollars. That’s not a bad deal at all. Much cheaper than the last ones (only one pair) I bought at Eye to Eye Care for like $600 bucks, which ended up breaking within the first year and me having to spend another $200 dollars on a second back-up pair.


Back to reading now.

Thinking about whether or not I should finish NR…hmm…so many choices.


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