Graphic Novel, Steven Universe, & Something About Time Management… Should I Even Set Up A Schedule For Writing?

So, until I get my new pair of glasses I’ve been vegging out for the past two days… doing absolutely nothing.


Well, that’s not entirely true…

I’ve been tweaking the book covers for the graphic novel, in Photoshop. Also, I have experimented with textures and started using them on the illustrations Nicoy drew for me.

The results have been truly amazing. Seeing 2D drawings pop out with 3D textures and shapes makes it look like we’re doing a professional anime movie. It looks simply stunning. We’re trying so hard to bring out the best of both worlds: hand drawings and digital media.

I love shows that corporate these types of methods. Sometimes, I’ll enhance the color of Nicoy’s drawings: making them brighter or darker. I may add a simple texture in the background, and maybe add some text. It’s the little things that matter. These tiny details make the characters or the images stand out more clearly. I can only do so much though––I can’t draw people and animals, so I leave it to Nicoy who’s gifted in that area.

We both have our strengths and our weaknesses, but we help each other out, which is what a team project should be about. Even though I do pay Nicoy for her services, she’s always been professional and helpful. Our progress is slow, and yet it’s been steady, which is better than no progress at all.

I can’t watch TV anymore. It’s too much of a distraction and I hate all the shows, except for Steven Universe…but it’s starting to push my buttons. I’m hate having to wait so damn long. Why are new episodes only once a week (on Thursdays) and last about 10 minutes or less?! I kind of wish they would make an adult version for us grown-ups, so we could see more gem fusion fights and action sequences.

SU needs to be on like everyday and last about 30-60 minutes. This is the only show with an entire female cast (except for Steven and his father), where I’d actually want the writers/producers to drag it out a bit more…especially when it came down to the Cluster finale. The ending to that one was a bit anti-climatic to tell you the truth. It would’ve been nice to have like an hour special for such a big build-up. It had been a dramatic moment for some time now.

I’d still watch SU if the characters’ (gems’) backstories were longer and more detailed. Is it because kids’ attention spans are so short that one episode is over in the blink of an eye? Grant it, I hate shows with constant and useless filler. I’m looking at you The Walking Dead… and I can’t stand anime shows that are over 500+ episodes long, ’cause who has the time to watch all of that?

But there’s no commercial breaks during one episode of SU, which is great and all, but then the show’s technically over. I’ve seen all the reruns like fifty times and I’m getting sick of it. So what gives Cartoon Network? Anyway, I do think the premiere of SU is about to be finished in another week or so. I’m a little bummed out right now. This season wasn’t that spectacular. 😦 Oh well…

I was supposed to exercise yesterday, but it’s been so hot lately (even with the AC on) I sweat right through my clothes. Even in the nights, it’s humid and feels like I’m in the Amazon jungle.

I'm dead

Last night, I just stayed in my room and listened to music on my headphones all day.

Scratching my butt

I thought about all the characters of the graphic novel, the ones Nicoy drew for me, the ones we didn’t get a chance to focus on, future stories, and whether I should devote my full time (and energy) on making individual novels for them. Then, there’s Legendary Girl, which is a whole other story completely. I really don’t know what my plan will be for the future––I would like to finish NR series first. Then, decide where to go from there.

I really should do something constructive with my life while I wait for these blasted glasses, like reading or looking for a job. I couldn’t finish Siren Suicides…it got to a point where I was daydreaming about why I was reading this when I should be finishing my accursed novel. It’s not that the story wasn’t interesting. I do like the author, because she has very good articles on her site. I don’t blame the author for me zoning out all the time. My mind wasn’t there to be reading a three part series.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to read! I will eventually pick up Siren Suicides and finish it at a later date. But that’s when I’ve got nothing to do and I’m seriously bored out of my mind. If I have to watch paint dry, that’s doing something. For my job searches, I’ve applied to all the places I can think of, but I’ve heard no word from any of the companies so far. It might be too late in the season. I’ll try again in the Fall and see if there’s anyone hiring when it comes near the holidays.

About two days ago, I suddenly had an idea for my website, for marketing the graphic novel. Yes, this again! I won’t say what it is as of yet, but it was quite interesting to test it out on my hidden, private site. I may develop it further as things go along. It would be kind of an interactive thing, almost like a fun creative tool in some way.

However, I’m not sure if it’ll work as I originally planned. The problem lies in how long it takes Nicoy and I to actually publish the graphic novel. So until we are done, completely finished with everything, the site won’t be revealed until it’s published on Amazon and so on. I had thought about releasing the website early. Just to get it out there and see what people’s reaction would be…but the more I thought about it…

The site might be one huge disaster. If the publishing of the comics were delayed all the time, people would then become frustrated and they’ll never want to buy it or see it again. I’ll try it out someday and figure it out slowly. Right now, it’s not ready. I’m not ready for anything to be revealed as of yet. I’m still developing this project as I go along here, everything’s all in my head. I just have to be patient and wait, which still sucks. Trust me, I know. When it’s time to release the project, I’ll be more than prepared for it. 

 I was thinking of setting up a schedule for myself. I know what you’re thinking! Schedules never work unless I’m actually working. I’ve been staying up way too late and going to bed like 5-6 a.m. only to wake up like past mid-noon. I may in fact go back to what I was supposed to be doing… and that’s polishing NR for publishing. I found out that my sister was trying to come visit me last week or two, but had postponed her plans. We’ll see how that goes, since I’ve stopped talking to her… not looking forward to any of her visits in the future.


Adios, space cowboys!

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