Opening A New Blog For The Graphic Novel. I Might Be Leaving Soon…

I’ll be opening a new blog soon, folks!


Well… it’s not really new, because I’ve had it since 2013…

It’s been private for three years now.


I’ll still keep my main blog open, regardless of what happens. Can I keep two blogs open at the same time? I think I can. Will I be able to update them both? Who knows? We’ll just have to see what happens.

Anything relating to the graphic novel, such as news and updates will be on the new site from now on. I will not post up any drawings, images, and character artwork. Not until it’s ready. When the graphic novel is published, I’ll let you know well in advance. Everything about this new book series is copyrighted by the way, just like the Nightmarish Reality Series.

Here’s what it looks like so far.


I’ll let you guys know when it’s open and available to the public. There will be links at the top header soon.

Bye bye!

Have a goodnight!


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