Fighting Against FGM & Websites Promoting Mutilation On Children

A couple of days ago, I found a webpage on Facebook called Islamic Female Circumcision  through reports on Twitter. Let’s just make this very clear. Female and male circumcision is mutilation, regardless of what anyone else says.

If you’re an adult, say 18 years of age and up… and would like to mutilate your genitals, be my guest. Once you’re an adult, it’s your body and you can do whatever the hell you want with it. But Do Not Mutilate Children! They are defenseless and too young to know any of the health risks!

This site was talking about the benefits of female mutilation, so I reported them. Other people joined in as well to get the site taken down.  

Hero Time!

Thank you Facebook for reviewing my report and shutting them down for good.

I hate FGM and I hate MGM. I hate all FGM! I hate misogynist societies, cultures, religions, and traditions. Anyone who says it’s part of their culture and religion is a freaking moron. If a book told you to cut off a child’s arm, legs, mouth, or eyes, would you do it?  HELLLLL NO!

There are no benefits to mutilating anyone’s genitals, especially if they were born healthy. Now, if the child was born with a deformity and it was a medical emergency, that’s another story. If they urgently needed to have surgery that would be up to the parents and a real doctor. And that is it!

No one is going to change my mind about it any other way. Babies and little girls are not objects to do whatever you please. Anyone who performs mutilation on a child should be sent to jail or be put to death. To put it quite frankly…

Mad as hell

If I was God, I wouldn’t put up with this crap.

Anyone who performs FGM or MGM on a child should be sent straight to Hell. I truly believe there are some crimes that can never be forgiven. FGM is one of them. It is used to control a woman’s sexual desire and make them a pure virgin. Whatever the hell that means. That’s funny, I don’t see men cutting off their entire penis to be pure virgins, do you? There are so many complications with FGM: bleeding to death, PSTD, painful urination, blood clotting, depression, anxiety, painful sex, childbirth problems, and much much more.

That is an unforgivable sin. “It’s a violent, penetrative act that scars women for the rest of their lives. I call it the rape of the natural world.” Okay, okay I got that line from Malcolm in Jurassic Park and changed it, but to me, it still rings true today. Ignorance is bliss.

Do you see any animals in the wild pick up a knife and rip out their offspring’s genitals, so they can to be pure and clean for some sick ritual, to please a man? Nope. I have to say humans are ten times worse than animals. No one holds a candle to man’s brutal nature, except Mother Nature. Which is why She Always wins. Hint Hint.

No forgiveness for excisers and butchers, whether they are a man or a woman. I pray and hope that God has no mercy on your soul. If anyone sees any FGM sites promoting the benefits of cutting up a girl’s genitals, please link to my blog and we’ll spread the news. We’ll report them and shut them down forever. One person can’t stop FGM, so we need everyone’s cooperation. Everyone must do their part and take a stand against all forms of genital mutilation.


Thank you for reading!

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