New Site Is Now Open To The Public. Welcome The Gunslinger Flash Renegade!

It’s time to celebrate!

The Gunslinger Flash Renegade site is now open!

Starry Eyed

If you want to know more about the status and progress of the graphic novel, Nicoy and I are working on, please visit this site. It’s still brand new and there’s like only 2 posts. One is in the Menu scroll bar.

I will leave up The Nightmare Never Ends site open, since this is still my home blog.


Now, what will be included in this site?

  • News
  • Updates
  • And More News

As a reminder, there will not be any images or drawings posted. Not until the graphic novel is up on Amazon. I will give you enough time in advance, but it may take Nicoy and I about a year or two to finish this series. It’s a very challenging project, because this will be the first time I’ll be involved with a visual project. We’re trying our best to bring out the best work we can. Quality over quantity is our goal. 


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