Getting Through The Rainy Season

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days…


I stayed up a bit last night and this morning doing nothing but reading.

All week we’ve been getting nothing but rain. I will probably go back to exercising today, since I felt sick and under the weather for a couple of days. For some reason, I went back to the third novel of NR with new eyes. I know right! No big surprise there. I’ve been desperately trying to get into the groove of writing/editing again. Listening to music sometimes helps me to focus.

After re-reading chapters 1-12, I jumped to chapter 20. Something about it made me go back and look at it again. The atmosphere just felt eerie and real. I realized how very dark this book is. In fact, the whole series itself is quite disturbing to get through, but I think this one is different. Nightmarish Reaction has some heavy themes and I found myself shocked by how well it flowed. The tone and voice of the characters still ring true. Often I find myself wondering why I had written a scene in a certain way, but most of all, it’s a psychological mind trip.

I didn’t find a lot of mistakes through this re-reading and I may in fact continue with the editing of NR. But I’ll probably take it very slow. It’s hard going back to certain chapters and forcing myself to read, so I may skip around a little. I have to say that every character brings a depth into the story and some are a breath of fresh air. There are good characters while others are in between. There are some villains, but you still don’t know who the main one is or what they want exactly. I like the tension and the mystery. I have to say I shouldn’t have doubted myself so much when I started rewriting/revising this book.

It’s interesting to note how things changed after you distance yourself from it.

scratching my head...

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