Can I Finish The Last Two Books In The NR Series? By This Month?

blogger.gif~c200This is my biggest obstacle yet, ever! But I’m determined to do this, I really am. I’m going to finish the entire 4 book series of Nightmarish Reality, regardless of how I feel about it. Good or bad, I’m going to get it done once and for all. I may not publish them, depending on the situation… because it might be too hectic for me to bring out both books at the same time on Amazon.

But who knows? We’ll see how it goes…

However, I’ll be preparing myself for a long and grueling process. It will be a complete 24 hour lock down with a twelve hour writing period and a break in between. No sleep whatsoever. I will not be sleeping for at least a week! I’ll be dealing with mostly editing and formatting. Getting them ready is the biggest challenge yet, because then I can finally order the paperback books by next month or two.

There’s tons of revisions I still have to do. This is going to require all of my concentration and a total blackout of everything. 

The blogging will stop right after this. It may be like this for months at a time.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is my passion.

Finally done!

Once I finish this entire series, I’ll let you guys know and continue blogging again. At least I can finally get it out of the way for good, forever. No matter what happens to me, I am still buying those paperback copies.

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