To Print Or Not To Print? What To Do…

Soo I’ve been staring at the CS Launch Interior Reviewer Screen for about three hours now, wondering if I should just print out the damn paperback copy. This would be my third book so far.


I have my barcode ready, just in case. Got it yesterday.

I really don’t have any idea of what the book price would be, but since the book is about 456 pages it can’t be less than $10 dollars. I checked CS already and it would be a negative number. It’s got to be somewhere between $11.99 or $12.99. CS didn’t find any printing issues with any of the pictures and that’s good.

But I’m still thinking of tweaking one of the drawings Nicoy drew for me. Well, the background area at least. It’s kind of empty space and I’m thinking of putting in some kind of wallpaper. Don’t know what that would be exactly. Or maybe I should leave it alone?

Once I approve the interior, I have to go down the list of what needs to be done, before ordering the book… such as pricing, channel distribution, book cover, description, etc. etc. Easy stuff.

There’s still one chapter that’s nagging me for some odd reason. I feel that one particular section is too short. But then again, it’s supposed to be vague. I really don’t know what I’m going to do…

Scratching my buttHmm… there’s this marathon on TV right now, but I’m not even watching it. Something about vampires. All reboots of older films, which were popular, but now… I’ll probably change the channel or watch something else, since some of the remakes aren’t that great anyway. 

What to do. What to do. So many things on my mind, it’s hard to focus. Yesterday, I tweaked the book cover for NR and it’s ready to go. All I have to do is download it, convert it to PDF, slap on a barcode, plus the price, and it’s good for printing. What else am I missing? I already have both the ISBN numbers.

Probably after I print out the book, I’ll see what the final e-book would look like as well with the completed formatting. Since I have Scrivener, I can covert that to a mobi file and it already has a Table of Contents with all the links. It’s all set. Now, I just gotta check for typos and spacing errors. 

I still feel like I’m completely forgetting something else, but I don’t know what. Ah yes. Now, I remember. I’ll have to get the Application Form from the Copyright Office again, before I even think about publishing. At least three months prior to publishing, I believe that’s how it works. But then again, it takes about what? 8-12 months to wait for a stupid certificate. Basically, a sheet of paper, saying it’s qualified.

DepressedThe things I have to do for a damn copyright…

I might as well join the circus, become a human tiger, and jump through several fiery hoops for a living. There’s a better chance of me making it in the circus than to register my copyright and go through the same nonsense I went through last year.


Oh well, it’s gotta be done…


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