Should I Take A Shot? Printing Out The Third Book For NR…

I don’t drink whatsoever, but this picture was funny enough to use.

On CS, it would only take about what… maybe 24 hours or less to get the interior and outer cover approved for printing.


After that, I could have it shipped to my house for delivery and I’d get it in about a week or two. 

Question MarkIt wouldn’t cost much, because I’d get it at a discounted price. Maybe six dollars or so. The only thing is I have to add the shipping and handling costs. If I’m lucky, I could get the book in a matter of days with UPS. It’s quite tempting to do just that, and then I could easily see for myself (on paper) what needed to be fixed. Typos and all.

I could take my time and go through it or leave it on my shelf for a couple of months, before I ever decide on publishing it. I would have to edit it again for mistakes and then pick a day that would be best for publishing. It sounds all so easy, doesn’t it? I’d maybe wait until after my graphic novel was published. Or would it be better if I did that before? 

It’ll be another chance to take, but for this one, I have really nothing to lose. It’s not like I’d lose my job or waste all my money… unless I have another mishap with the Copyright Office. No one is really rushing me to finish this book and I still have another fourth in the making. But if I do publish Nightmarish Reaction, I could at least show some of the new artwork Nicoy drew for me on this site and others. Updating a little would help me to keep it going for a while longer. 

So many decisions. To tell you the truth, I kind of just want to get this book out of the way. I’ll have to think about it some more. Printing out the paperback copy might be easier than I thought, and maybe it’ll keep my mind off other things. Possibly give me a reason or a motivation to finish it…

Hmm...let's see now

Hmm… it’s worth a shot.


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