My Account Was Hacked?! A New Plan of Action… It’s Time For A New Blog!

Yep, that’s right, folks!



I’m creating a new blog just for news and political commentary.


It’s basically to keep my mind active for a little while longer. I need to get in the habit of writing again, but this time it’ll be about topics that are really important to me. I don’t want to add new content and change everything on my Author’s Blog. 

This blog was designed only for my NR books and I need to keep it that way. It wouldn’t be fair to write about politics and religion, because this blog wasn’t made for that. It’s purpose was for struggling writers, like me, who want to learn from my mistakes and experiences. Like a diary of the many ups and downs of being a writer and what self-publishing is truly about.

However, I’ve read articles recently that authors shouldn’t voice their views, since that could affect book sales and their marketing. Well, I have no fanbase and I don’t think I’ll ever have a huge following of people. So that’s good! No one really cares about what I write. And there you have it! I do have some close friends and all, but nobody checks up on whether I’ve published a book or not. In addition, I don’t really care about other people’s opinions of me either. I’ll write about whatever I damn well please, regardless of what someone else says.

I’m not concerned about people buying my books or not. They can buy ’em and burn ’em for all I care. People will think and say whatever they want to. Writing a story and voicing my political views are two very different things. However, every writer I’ve known have placed their views into their own story, whether it’s subtle or not. It actually doesn’t matter. 

A writer should be allowed to discuss whatever topic they want: it could be about sex, religion, and politics. However, just because a character is depressed in a book doesn’t mean the author is depressed as well. If a character does or says something, it doesn’t automatically mean the author agrees or disagrees with it either. People should stop bashing authors based on their stories alone. If you hate the book, that’s fine. Do a book review on it, but don’t crucify the writer and threaten them. Besides, actions speak louder than words.

Also, people should be smart enough to know what offends them and what doesn’t. If you know you’re reading an offensive book, don’t complain about it afterwards. If you don’t like a certain genre, then don’t pick it up and read it.

Anyway, this site will still be up, but I won’t be updating as much (that’s a given)…unless I’m publishing something. Thanks to the haters online, who’ve been trying to intimidate me. Not surprised in the least. These people are just big babies and I don’t take any of their silly threats seriously.

In fact, they made me more determined to spread the word on every blog I can think of.

Will this new site contain satire?


I have no idea.

All the world's a stage

Some of it will be heavy, serious stuff. It may not be recommended for a younger audience. I could post videos from my favorite channels and leave it at that for now.

Question Mark

Who knows? 

My new blog will be under entertainment and culture… I think? It’ll be educational as well, but I’m not really a teacher in any field. I figured I’d leave it in the video category.

Tea Time!So anyway, it all started when I couldn’t log into my Wordpress account. It’s never happened before, but I know I was hacked. Nothing seems out of place right now and I’ll probably go back and take a closer look.

It’s happened to me on Twitter as well; I’ve had to reset everything and it’s been kind of annoying. I have a two-step verification system, where it sends you a text on your phone and even that isn’t working. 

Once again, it’s never happened before… none of my texts were coming in and my Internet was just fine. I waited a minute before sending another text and still not one code. It has been like this all day. Finally, I found my special codes and logged in. Someone had been visiting my blog at the time, just one person.

Whoever visited my blog, read a particular post. Anyhoo, I always check my stats and every WordPress blog has one. It lets people know who’s been looking at what posts and where they come from. For some reason, it doesn’t show where this person comes from no matter what I do. It shows one little bar and that’s it. I even visited my blog again (not logged in) and it marked me as a second visitor, revealing the map of my location and everything, including the posts, the sites I linked from.

In addition, I got all my phone texts afterwards when I changed my security settings, which just makes me more suspicious. It’s all very weird. Luckily, I have nothing of importance on here or value. No credit card information and so on. But I got my blog back, so everything’s okay now. 😀 This was not a glitch whatsoever.

I’ve been harassed online before…I don’t know why exactly. I guess people think I’m an easy target or something. If I refuse to read or edit people’s stories or if I don’t reply to someone’s email, I get a lot of hate for that. I think that’s why I had to close down several accounts in the past, because of too much drama.

Some people get so angry and upset over the stupidest things. My blogs are not controversial at all by the way. I post about writing and my experiences with self-publishing, but people will find anything offensive these days.

I’m off to create my new blog.

Hero Time!

Wish me good luck!


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