Amazon Helped Me Out Big Time!

Happy Dance!

So, I’m very happy that Amazon took down the seller’s account after he or she had stolen my character artwork. They had infringed on my rights as the sole copyright holder.

Waiting for email...I hadn’t slept much last night, because I was too busy filling out their forms and waiting for their response. Not to mention, I was doing something else that was just as important. Since the sequel is back and running again, I will be trying to get the third novel edited and published. I have a little bit of confidence now that I’m able to do this. Which is great!

I love you!

Thank you Amazon for helping me out! It really means a lot to me.

Go for the Goal!!!

I will have to be more alert now whenever I’m online, because it’s the first time this has happened to me. I mean, why would you steal someone’s artwork, slap it on a fake canvas, and sell it online for nearly $18-$20 bucks.

The image itself was really crappy too. People could buy the real deal with better quality at my online store and it would be so well worth it. It reminds me of a seller (s), who was trying to sell my paperback novels at $50 to $100 a piece while the real ones are at Amazon for like $9.99. It just doesn’t make any sense to me…

Tea Time!

Oh well, moving on…

WordPress has been acting up lately, especially with the funny gifs. So, I’ve had to go back to the older settings for anything to show up now. This experience has made me more cautious than ever before, especially with my other projects. Still working on the graphic novel and it’s getting there slowly. However, I have a new profound respect for DA. Not to mention, some other sites as well where I keep a record of everything. It’s good to have that. Anyway, I’ll be working on my novel this week and I’m looking forward to finishing it. Wish me good luck!

So happy!

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