Rereading Nightmarish Reaction – Here Are My Thoughts On The 3rd Book…

The good news is… I’m on chapter 31 right now so I’m almost done reading NR 3.

The bad news…


I hate the book.

I’m not happy with what I’ve read so far.

Don’t get me wrong the first half is actually really good, but that middle part is driving me off the wall. It needs a complete overhaul.


Maybe I will change my mind after I do another million rewrites.

There’s a bunch of editing guidelines in my bedroom right now and I’m surrounded by How-to-Grammar, Structure, and Plot. However, some of the chapters have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and I’m thinking I should just delete them and start all over again…

Smashing-computer-GIFI basically feel like I’m repeating the same stuff over and over again. Which is not a good sign whatsoever. The characters are still interesting and compelling; however, my dates and timelines are still a bit messy. I’ll be going back and fixing every last one of them. 

I may have to rearrange the chapters in another order and maybe add in a few new chapters as well, because it seems as if I’m rushing through some parts and I get this feeling that I should slow down. However, I don’t want to drag it for too long, because the book is already big enough. Something is bugging me a lot and I can’t pinpoint what. Editing and rewriting is the hardest thing ever.



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