New Updates Coming Soon! Will This Be A Big Change To The Site?


Soo… you’ve all probably been wondering where the hell I’ve been for these past couple of months or years, eh?


Actually, I didn’t really go anywhere and have relocated to my newer site The Gunslinger Flash Renegade posting reviews of movies I’ve watched, since I don’t have nothing else to post these days.

Work!I’ve been so busy lately with life, work, health, and school that updates are a thing of the past for this Author’s blog and many other blogs. Finding the time and energy to write/edit novels is harder now when you’re an adult with tons of responsibilities and bills to pay. I literally have no days off. I don’t even know how I have the energy to write this post, but that’s what people call “true dedication.” It’s a passion of mine that just never goes away. Even though I’ve been posting chapters to Nightmarish Reaction for a few loyal readers, which require a passcode, it’s really dead in here for the rest of you guys.

I’m not even sure people still follow me anymore. They’ve all moved on with their lives and maybe, just maybe… there’s one or two loyal fans, who check out this blog from time to time. It could be once a month or once a year. I’ve literally had this blog for years.

It’s kind of become like a dead space now; however, I keep it up and running because it’s the longest and most active blog that I have. I have visitors popping up everyday. Maybe not as much as before, but it’s something I admire. Which means, this site isn’t going anywhere. Even when I’m officially dead and gone this site will still be up… I think?

Finally done!

Well, things are about to change for the better.


I know, I know.

It’s been boring and all that.

What could be so exciting to keep this blog alive and colorful? 


As of today, I’ll be working on a Webcomic for the Nightmarish Reality Series. And guess where it’ll be? 

That’s right. You guessed correctly. It’s going to be on this blog. I still don’t know what days I’ll start posting. I may just do little things, like reveal character sheets and so on. Nothing too major. Nicoy and I will be working on the project together, including Flash Renegade: The Graphic Novel.

If you don’t know what Nightmarish Reality (Vol. 1) is, please go to the above categories and click on the tabs. All information is at the top. 

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