Random Chapter – Draft (Part 1)

I wanted to post a random chapter I’ve been trying to finish forever now. It’s a little short, but I’m deciding whether or not I’m going to keep this. Please bear with me if you see any mistakes.

Still a work in progress…


The following day, for no reason whatsoever, we decided to skip school and go back to Cocoa Beach. Except this time we stayed somewhere else, at a cheap motel. Lathyrus had to show his ID to the desk clerk, but the man didn’t question us on why we were here on a school day. Once we paid for the room, we left and hiked to the beach.

eagulls glided above us, looking for food in the water. They didn’t seem affected by the cold weather. We found an old wooden table with some benches by the beach—it’s something I normally saw at the park. But since hardly anyone was there, we figured why not. 

“Have you ever had a seagull poop on your food,” Lathyrus asked, before taking a bite out of his hotdog.

He placed his elbow on the creaking table and gave me a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread.

“Ah, nope,” I said.

Lathyrus swallowed his food and then chuckled. His smile was gorgeous, even when he held his middle finger high in the air. He hated those damn birds. 

“Consider yourself lucky then.”

I laughed a little. “What a strange question to ask. I’m guessing you don’t like seagulls.”

“Yeah––they’re rats with wings.”

 “Why? They’re just animals.”

Lathyrus lowered his hand. “If they pooped on your sandwich, you’d hate them too. Last time I came here, I had to throw away my food.”

I shook my head at him. “When was this?”

“Long time ago…way before I met you or Amber.” Lathyrus had his head down.

His dreadlocks covered his face as though he was thinking about the past. I still saw his green eyes peering out and look toward the crashing waves nearby.

“Have you seen ducklings before?” he asked, out of the blue.

“Yea, I suppose.”

“You suppose?”

“Of course, I have.”

Lathyrus lifted his head. “Have you watched them eat––how they drink?”

Why was Lathyrus always changing the subject of our conversation? He would ask the most random questions.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess so.”

He grinned. “I’ll show you.”

Lathyrus kept his head up high, closed his eyes and pretended to be a duckling, sipping water. I almost choked on my sandwich, because I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Lathyrus; he made me laugh, and it was fun hanging out with him.

Lathyrus’ caramel skin was a little lighter than Samuel’s. He was handsome in a way. Once Lathyrus stopped imitating ducks, he placed his hand on his chin and stared back at me with those bright, hazel eyes. 

We both laughed at each other. When we settled down, Lathyrus’ smile faded.

“For someone who loves nature, you sure don’t pay attention to details.”

I swallowed and tried not to turn red. “Well, it’s not like I see ducklings everyday…”

Lathyrus got up from his seat, walked around the table, and stood over me. He sat down next to me. I swallowed half my sandwich. 

“If you get a chance to see one, watch them closely…” he whispered in my ear.

I put down the leftover bread, since I couldn’t finish eating it. Lathyrus wrapped his hand around my shoulder. Remaining still, I couldn’t speak for he was making me nervous.

“You’re like supernatural…” 

Lathyrus touched my neck and leaned in closer. I turned my head and looked over at the water, keeping my eyes away from his. He kissed my cheek and then my neck. I withdrew, since my face was burning hot. 

“You smell good––you taste good…” Lathyrus said, putting his arms around me.

I sensed hickeys on my neck as he nibbled on my skin. Turning to face him, he licked his lips while I bit down in hesitation. 

“You’re beautiful,” he said, gazing into my eyes.

Beautiful? I thought. 

“Isn’t that something you’d say to a girl?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes. 

He didn’t respond.

“You mean handsome, right?” I corrected him.

He backed away all of a sudden and sighed. 

“Yea.” Lathyrus looked straight at the sand. “Sure…”

He rubbed the back of his head, scratching his scalp.

“Is that the first time––”

“No,” I said.

He took a deep breath, seeing as I was uncomfortable being called that. 

“Who’d you kiss before we met? Before Rue Chang?” Lathyrus asked.

I went back to nibbling on my sandwich, like a mouse, and then wiped the crumbs off my hands. 

“I kissed him in a dream…does that count?” I asked.

“No, it doesn’t count. I’m talkin’ ‘bout someone real.”

Swallowing again, I refused to answer. “I dunno…”

His eyes glinted. “You don’t remember?” 

“It’s not that I don’t remember,” I said, looking back at him. “I just don’t want to tell you…”

“Why not?”

“Cause I don’t go blabbering about what I did in a nightmare.”

“In a nightmare?”

“Yea…it’s a secret.”


“Why are you asking me these stupid questions.” I got up and walked away from him.

“Goddamn, you sure know how to ruin a moment,” Lathyrus replied.

I pushed him back. “What’s it to you?”

“I’m just curious. Why can’t you––”

“Act normal?” I finished his sentence for him.

He reached for me. “I didn’t say that.”

Staring at the waves ahead, I watched a lone surfer on his surfboard, trying to catch a wave. A gust of cold air made me shiver. I folded my arms across my chest and kept on moving, regardless if Lathyrus was behind me or not. He continued talking, but I ignored him completely. I just let the sound of the ocean drown out his whiny voice. The temperature was dropping and I could feel it as sunset was fast approaching. 

“Are you listenin’ to me?” Lathyrus grabbed my arm, and pulled me toward him. “You like watchin’ people––always stayin’ far away, never lettin’ anyone in. Do you ever listen to what you say when you talk like that—do you wanna be alone?”

Lathyrus glanced over his shoulder, viewing the surfer in front of us. 

I punched him in the face.

“Stop calling me weird,” I shouted with tears in my eyes.

Lathyrus didn’t hit the ground; he shook his head and his dreadlocks followed suit. He rubbed his swollen jaw and smirked at me. 

“You’re so out there sometimes. It’s like you’re not even here––”


The wind blew his dreadlocks back. His eyes looked serious as his expression changed. I kept to myself, avoiding him altogether. He continued chasing after me. I heard the calls of seagulls overhead. Lathyrus kept talking to me no matter how I felt.

“This woman, named Louise, we’d been going out for at least a few years. This was before you and I met, before I moved to Orlando. It was when I was living in Miami. She was a lot older and used take care of me. Louise was like a second mother to me. She told me she used to be one of those gothic, emo chicks in a band. She’d wear those short, mini-checkered skirts on days like these.”

“Well, she’s an idiot then,” I retorted. “Why would anyone go outside in the freezing cold dressed like that? I hope she’s dead now.” 

Lathyrus’ expression changed dramatically; he was absolutely crushed when I blurted out how I truly felt about Louise. However, that didn’t stop him from following me around. I walked toward the pier, and yet he still couldn’t take a freaking hint.

“She had short, blond hair, and lighter skin than yours, but she always kept herself in shape. She was so fit. Her eyes, man. She had these blue, bewitchin’ eyes. You look into ‘em long enough and you’d be in a trance forever.”

I turned around and saw Lathyrus wiping something from his eye. 

Did I make him cry? Oh, God…I am a pathetic human being.

Lathyrus laughed out. He wasn’t actually crying. It appeared as if someone had told him a really funny joke.

“You’re the weird one, dating a woman who could be your grandmother…” I said to him, elbowing him in the side.

Lathyrus seized my arm and pushed me down on the white sand hard. He pounced on top of me but I wouldn’t stop fighting him, not until he apologized first. We wrestled for a little bit, at least fifteen minutes or so; however, I eventually gave in. After losing the fight, I couldn’t look at him anymore.

Breathing heavily and panting, I had enough of the games. Lathyrus tried to touch my left cheek, but I quickly turned my head. 

“I’m tired now. Can you please let me go?” I asked, knowing that there was no chance in hell I could ever beat Lathyrus in a real fist fight.

My face was all red as I stared upward at him. Lathyrus raised his eyebrow and blinked.

“What the hell was that for?” he asked, glaring at me.

Copyrighted © by W.D. Lady

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