Looking For A Darker Theme

I’m looking for a darker theme here on WordPress, but I’m not seeing any pop up or anything unique to fit this setting I have going on here.

I’ve had to delete a few old widgets and I’ll probably end up going back just to adjust and fix such an ancient site. Maybe it would be better for me to start all over again? But then where would this site go? I’d hate to delete it… everything, including all this history and all these posts.

I still love the theme set for my blog since it fits perfectly for me. I just miss the old themes when it looked like a rustic dirty, old notebook. I’ll keep searching for it. Maybe I can find it somewhere. However, I have no idea how to do CSS or code. I’m clueless when it comes down to that.

I do like the new setup going on at WP, and yet I’m not very impressed. It looks nice and feels smoother… sometimes I feel that no matter what I type on here, no one really sees nor reads it.

I’m being shadow-banned for whatever reason. Or it could be because I’m not paying for views and traffic, like some other sites do.

Whatever happens, I will not delete this site. Period. If it is deleted, it wasn’t by me… but someone else. Maybe once I’m good and dead, this site will still be up for many years to come.

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