Some Major Changes To The Site – What You Need To Know

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve decided to try a new theme and style for my Author’s Blog. Things are looking pretty good so far. I’ll be experimenting here and there, so the main blog might be a little buggy at times.

Let’s see how long this lasts before I change my mind…

The only problem I have right now is the saving feature on WP… and the censorship (but I’ll get to that part later…), which is getting quite annoying. I can’t save my stuff manually like before. It seems WP has a saving mechanism that does it automatically and it throws me back for a loop, whenever it says, “Updating Failed” in black text and with a bright, red background. I have to constantly preview just to check if my words are even showing up.

Not a good feature whatsoever, WordPress…

This lag is seriously killing my computer.

Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it soon, just like everything else… and this new block editor. It’s not bad whatsoever and it looks nice. It feels a lot smoother than before, so maybe they’re still working on it. Another huge issue that I cannot ignore is the censorship.

Do I need to start paying for my views with upgrades? How does someone on WP get nearly a million followers, without no help whatsoever?

It sounds kind of fishy to me.

I’ve been a true supporter of WordPress for almost ten years now and this is how you treat me?

I know, I shouldn’t expect much from WP or anyone. Grant it, some small businesses are set up right here at home. So who am I to judge? I mean, it’s not like there’s any other blogs that come close to WP, right?

Anyway, I’m over it.

Thankfully, it hasn’t gotten so bad on WP that they’ve resorted to deleting blogs. We’ll see how long that lasts for, and I may end up eating my own words soon enough.

Moving on…

Now that I’ve switched to my primary site of nine years, will I have the same type of… or should I say “Lack of Viewership,” since I’m on a different political spectrum. Even though I haven’t been updating as much, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately.

I’ll stick around to the bitter end, until they ban me for whatever reason they can find. I have no plans of deleting any of my sites, old or new. Just know that I’ve been quietly lurking for some time, even though I’ve been extremely busy with work and life. I’m hoping that I’ll have more days to write now. So much has happened, wrote a post about it… unfortunately, I don’t think anyone saw it or read it. I actually don’t tell people much about my personal life.

I mean, who cares?

I personally don’t care whatsoever…

I do have my ups and downs. My life is like a roller coaster of emotions, and I’ve probably said some very stupid things in the past. However, I’m not afraid to speak my mind on certain topics and I’m not going to back down when it comes to expressing myself. I’m a true believer in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression, except when it incites violence.

Please be warned that I’ll be posting chapters in the near future and some content will be for mature audiences. I don’t think I need a disclaimer on this site as of yet… maybe I’ll put up a sticky or something. Just to let you know that some characters will say and do horrible things to other characters, because that’s part of their nature.

Now then… since that is finally out of the way, any new readers seeing this for the first time or what not shouldn’t be surprised. I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing again––I need to finish off my book series, the one I’ve been working on for nearly how many years? Twelve or fifteen years, I think?

I’ve decided that I’ll probably post some of the previous chapters that were originally “protected” or “blocked.” If you want to know more about me or the Nightmarish Reality Book Series, check out my page and I do have a Minds and account as well.

I’m happy and excited to be back at my old blog, I’ll probably link a few other sites to this main page as well.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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