Learning The Basics Of A Graphic Novel. So Much On Interior Design!


Well, no one said it would be easy…

I'm dead

I’ll be working another 9 days straight at my job. I already killed myself on the interior of the graphic novel all week. Man, is it complicated!


I don’t think I’ve seen anything this complicated before. Learning about full color with bleed is good to know, but image resolution seems to be my biggest problem.


I didn’t understand why I kept getting a low DPI resolution for the interior page, especially Page 4. It was killing me. Folks, I was at the end of my rope, so I set the DPI for like 900. At the highest resolution possible. I need to keep a record of this for future generations. 900 DPI!

Good Job!

And guess what? It finally worked!

A bit dizzy

I had revised page 4 like a million times, since Createspace was telling me the resolution was way too low for printing and might cause blurry images.


I spent all night and this morning, reading guides on Adobe Indesign, bleeds, how to enhance images, how to use photoshop CS2 to fix a title image.

Here lies a Good Man...

It all paid off in the end. At first, nothing seemed to work for me. All the other images in the first few pages are just fine. I can’t understand why page 4 was giving me so many problems, but it had something to do with the font style design. I don’t know if I’ll go back and make any other changes. Quite frankly, I’m a bit scared to mess it up now. 


Sweatdrop...I have yet to decide exactly what I’m going to write about in this graphic novel. Still figuring out a script for the whole darn thing. At least I have down the basics. It’ll be 60 pages with both color and black/white images. Had a few ideas. At first I wanted multiple stories, but I’m thinking about doing one story for now… just to be on the safe side.

Eventually, if I do decide to continue I may have 2-3 multiple storylines eventually and merge them all into one. There will be a lot of going back and forth with the flashblacks as well.




The Sequel is Here!

The Sequel is Here!

Loving these colors!

Loving these colors!

Keep The Old Or Keep The New?

studyingI wrote seven pages tonight, but I was supposed to do at least 15. Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Things are surely getting interesting though. At 396 pages! I’ll have to cut some parts out and continue on with the trilogy. Now, I’m facing some problems with the third book’s title.

Hurry! Time's Running Out!

I can’t sleep at all tonight, so I’ve decided to revise the old book cover for my trilogy. However, while I was doing all of that, I decided to rename it (just a tweak), since I may very well continue with a fourth book… and so on and so forth.

Trilogy Cover

Question Mark

It’s going to be tough to decide. But I dunno which one to pick exactly. It took me forever (weeks and months) to come up with one word to describe this trilogy… reaction seems like the closest thing I can think of, without it sounding cheesy. It’s a huge theme in this continuation. But the word resolution is so far removed, now that I think about it. I doubt I’ll be able to resolve anything in this book. I know for a fact it will not end with a final conclusion, not yet anyway.



I’m so excited folks! I’ve decided to work on a prequel to my new Science Fiction series, Outside Of The Unknown, which is loosely based on another story, Dream Vacation. I created a possible book cover for this series, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it though. Took me hours trying to fix the galaxy, but I read up on some of the online sources and it wasn’t too bad actually. I had another version of this years ago, and I still have it on my DA account (somewhere in storage) with just the three planets.

I’ll be working on my Nano profile today, fixing my synopsis. I may even post up a possible first chapter, despite the fact, it’s a rough draft. I don’t know how many books this series will be, but originally I had planned for only three (per planet). Now, it’s down to just two. Of course, this may change once I finish the first book. However, I’ve always wanted to do a prequel to this story, which will include many other side characters, other worlds, and histories. Each character/story are all connected to the main premise. I’ve got a lot of characters for this one, so it will probably be more challenging than some of my other novels. For this prequel, I’m only focusing on two protagonists.

Even though this book will be sci-fi, there is also romance/erotica, comedy, lots of action/adventure, and drama galore. I’ll be focusing on spiritual enlightenment, even some controversial religious themes too, dealing with Good vs. Evil, God, life on other planets, E.T. and humanity. Since this is an adult book, Outside of the Unknown may be a little dark, but not as dark as my first series, Nightmarish Reality. No warning or disclaimer as of yet… everything seems PG-13 at the moment, which is surprising because I thought I would’ve killed someone by now.

There are lighthearted moments, not to mention a few disturbing scenes with a lot of bloodshed and violence. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to call my prequel as of yet… although, I did start on this early. Due to me not containing all my excitement, I’ve already started writing a week in advance. I stopped myself though and took a few days of rest. In one week folks, I’ve already written 47-52 pages! And I’m only on Chapter 7. You know, 50K words is never enough. 😐 So, there’s a chance I might go over my word count, but I will go back and rewrite my chapters 1-7 again.

Oh, and don’t forget! If you’re participating in Nano and want a writing friend or challenger, please feel free to add me. My profile on the site is W.D.Lady.

Created by W.D.Lady

The long wait… still waiting for my book proof. Here’s two more wallpapers

Still waiting for my book proof… *sigh* I’m hoping that I will get it tomorrow, since it’s been almost 4 days now.  This doesn’t include the weekend when it comes to shipping.  It’s pretty cold here and I’ve been using the heater a lot more too.  I’m giving my hands a rest these days. I was going to mention something important, but I’ll probably save that for later. Right now, I’m at a loss of words at the moment and still too tired.

I have been going back to the gym, which helps me fall asleep faster.  All my bills are paid for this month and it’s good to have a little vacation time to myself. Talk to you guys later! 😀 Enjoy the wallpapers!


Art by W.D.Lady

Art by W.D.Lady

Update: Got my drawing from Nicoy!

Well, here it is everyone!  My final colored drawing of Ikeda Cortes!  Please do not use him without my permission by the way. He is copyrighted! Nicoy did an amazing job with his hair, the cards, the fur coat, and everything!!

Art by Nicoy

I’d like to go to bed right now, but my neighbors are watching TV and it’s so loud. I’ll be up all night until they go to bed. I know it’s Friday people, but seriously?! There are people here trying to sleep and it’s nearly midnight.  This weekend, I’m taking a 2 day vacation though… 😐

Feeling under the weather… made another wallpaper too!

Still waiting for the book proof and still waiting for Nicoy to send me the 3rd drawing, which should be Ikeda. I so can’t wait to see it. Anyway, I’m trying to relax and take it easy, but I’m just so out of it today.  Did another promotional wallpaper, just a blue one based on Book 5.  I may just create all the posters based on the books, including the last possible three books, alternate versions.

I’m just so bored right now. I did get some rest, but my mind keeps going back to the Kindle ebook I now have to focus on. I did customize my Createspace E-store, which I’ll provide a link to later on.  If more people buy from the Createspace E-store I can make a little bit more, so much better than Amazon. I think for Kindle I get like about the same per book, which isn’t bad. I was thinking of going to the library, but my body just seems a bit weak.

I overworked myself so hard on editing/fixing my novel that now, I’m feeling sick. I need to learn to give myself more breaks and rest, but knowing me so well… I tend to overdo it sometimes. I did try to sleep more these past two days, but my body is like “WTF?!” It’s so accustomed to staying up late at night it’s odd going to bed early now.  I may go to the gym or take a nice stroll in the park, but my body needs to recover first. If I have a hard time sleeping, usually I’ll go to the 24 hour gym and try to make myself tired.

So far, I’m still getting tired just thinking about cleaning around the apartment. After I finish making a wallpaper I’ll be out like a light. I know… it’s sad. 😦 Anyway, here’s one of my wallpapers. This wallpaper is based on book 5. If the wallpapers are too wide for I know some of them may not fit on a PC, you can visit my DA Gallery and click on the smaller sizes.

Entire Book Series:  These are all copyrighted by the way!

  1. Nightmarish Reality (coming out this month or next!) PUBLISHED MARCH 8TH!
  2. Nightmarish Revelations (if I have enough money this can come out next year or 2)
  3. Nightmarish Resolutions (trilogy- coming out 3 years from now)
  4. Nightmarish Reverie (Depends on how the trilogy did and if I have any money left to even publish it.)
  5. Nightmarish Recollections (Depends on if I have enough energy…)
  6. Nightmarish Regeneration (Depends on if I live that long…)


Art by W.D. Lady

Quick Update: Almost Almost there…. One more final read through.

Kind of running out of things to say folks… for my mind is just focused on one thing and that’s finishing the novel and how much little time I have left.  Next week I have to go to the office and tell them I’m not renewing my lease and then I’ll make sure all the bills are finally paid for. It’s just that I’m running out of time and I can sense it. My loving parents will be coming over next month. To tell you guys the truth, I do not want them seeing my book when it comes in the mail nor do I want them reading it. I need to finish this damn book tomorrow!!!

I have finished the 20% of the last half of my novel. I’m doing this post for my reference as well. I’ve read and fixed chapters 26-30 today, after a quick catnap for I was literally falling asleep during editing.  Lack of sleep and rest will do that to a person. I did also work on chapters 22 and 23-25 last two days ago and even a bit last week as well.  I went through my novel and reduced the number of repetitive words.

Now, keep in mind I did leave some of them in, because it would be awkward to remove everything entirely. I really dislike using a lot of adverbs, because it is kind of lazy and a lot of them seem like filler or fluffy words anyway. I’ve been taught in many writing classes that adverbs need to be used sparingly (yes… that is an adverb I just used). 😐 I use the words only if I have no other choice to describe something or to make the sentence a little clearer.

However, I do not use them in dialogue. I repeat! Never will I use them in dialogue. So, you will not be seeing “Come here…” he whispered, coolly or angrily. Nope. So not doing it. I’d like my readers to figure it out for themselves and really look into the character’s actions and by what they’re saying how that person is saying it.


  • I’s (I hate sentences with “I did this and I did that.” Grant it, this is First Person Story… but it’s still annoying to me anyway.  Tried to cut some of them out as best as I could. Probably still have 1,000 I’s in there, because I have no other choice but to use it.)
  • grabbed
  • glared/frowned
  • door/window
  • I said/she said/he said/whispered (I use them when there’s a lot of characters in a scene or if you can’t tell who’s talking to who. If it’s two characters, I’ll remind people now and then if it’s a long dialogue scene, but not always.)
  • asked/questioned (I probably still have a lot of asked)
  • opened/open
  • ceiling/wall
  • adverbs with -ly endings (clearly (2 left), quickly (25 left), calmly (zero), and so on… just a few are in there)
  •  only/one (I still have some in there…)
  • disgust ( just a few)
  • smiled (too many of these and it sounds like a happy happy joy feel good.)
  • and (I use it when I need to since it’s a conjunction, but I seriously hate too many of these worse than I’s.)
  • walked (I try to replace it with “strolled, ambled, hike, pace… something!)
  • something/sometimes (I probably still use it without even realizing it)
  • that (too many that’s can really ruin a story…)
  • of (it’s good and then it can be bad…)

It did take me 5-12 hours to finish it and it reads pretty good. I now have 355 pages.  Just one extra page, but it’s probably because of the two illustrations in the novel.

Now, tomorrow I will do one more last final read through. This is important because if everything looks and reads well, then I will upload the .pdf file on Createspace and finally order my proof. This is it!

If the novel does not read too good tomorrow, I’ll spend another few days revising. I’m at my wits end… it’s getting quite boring now re-reading/tweaking for several hours. I hate being inside all the time. And I’m just falling asleep, but I will go to bed early tonight so I can finish it all tomorrow.

Before I go, I will show you a final drawing that Nicoy did for me. It is just beautiful and tragic. This will be in my paperback book as well, along with another drawing. Have a goodnight folks! 🙂

Art by Nicoy