Trash Day: Getting Rid of All The Junk

Man, am I exhausted.


I did nothing but clean out all the junk from several rooms, ranging from old files and folders, school paperwork to broken electronics. Not to mention, the heat made things ten times worse, especially since one of the rooms has horrible air circulation. It felt like I was in an oven…or a microwave, being cooked alive. I was sweating the whole time, trying to keep myself cool. But it wasn’t happening.

I had two fans running the entire time. It literally took me a day to get CDs, DVDs, books, folders, camera equipment, clothes, desks, shelves, and everything else organized properly. I didn’t go to bed until 5 a.m. in the morning.

My room looks so much better now, including another room that was mostly used for extra storage space. I went through every bag or container, rearranging items neatly. I made sure the storage bins weren’t too heavy to carry around. Now, I can find anything I need in an orderly fashion. I don’t have to go rummaging around for hours, just trying to find a good book to read.

I had a lot of journals, notepads, planners, and notebooks from high school that I threw away in the trash or recycled. By the time I finished, my black trash bag was so heavy. I needed help just to squeeze it out of my doorway. About 90% of it was just paper: old bills, bank statements, and stupid junk mail. I shredded so many of those credit card applications. Now that the rooms have no more clutter, I can finally relax and maybe do some writing or reading.

Whenever I’m in a cleaning mood, I always have to finish the task at hand, regardless of how big the project might be. I still have to vacuum out the rooms, due to shredding so much paper and there are little flakes on the carpet.

I'm dead

It may take me another day to recover though…

Two Chapters Left To Rewrite! But That’s Just The Beginning…

I’m finally awake at last. @_@ Went to bed at 4 a.m. and now I’m up for another round. I’m almost done! 2 chapters left to rewrite!!

All the world's a stage

I finished Chapter 23 literally this morning. Probably one of the creepiest chapters I’ve ever written and I started rewriting it in the middle of the night. Even the parts that were not scary were just too much. I’ll probably still have nightmares tonight. It was too long––I had to cut it down. It’s funny though.

Yesterday, it was Friday the 13th. None of the Freddy and Jason movies on TV were actually that scary to me. But this one chapter was giving me the heebie-jeebies. I hate Chapter 23, but it’s not the only disturbing chapter in the series! There’s a lot worse chapters in the last book. I don’t know why this one chapter was creeping me out, because not all of it was gruesome nor horror…just had a bad vibe and it wouldn’t leave me be. I’m hoping the atmosphere and the suspense is enough to creep some people out.

I’ll be finishing Chapters 24 and 25. But my work doesn’t end there, I’ve got 18 chapters left to edit/revise before I reach the end. Not to mention, I still have to go back for a second or third revision stage until it’s absolutely perfect… or until I can’t stand it anymore and decide to publish.


After this, the last novel is probably going to be a 600 page epic. GREAT!