My Account Was Hacked?! A New Plan of Action… It’s Time For A New Blog!

Yep, that’s right, folks!



I’m creating a new blog just for news and political commentary.


It’s basically to keep my mind active for a little while longer. I need to get in the habit of writing again, but this time it’ll be about topics that are really important to me. I don’t want to add new content and change everything on my Author’s Blog. 

This blog was designed only for my NR books and I need to keep it that way. It wouldn’t be fair to write about politics and religion, because this blog wasn’t made for that. It’s purpose was for struggling writers, like me, who want to learn from my mistakes and experiences. Like a diary of the many ups and downs of being a writer and what self-publishing is truly about.

However, I’ve read articles recently that authors shouldn’t voice their views, since that could affect book sales and their marketing. Well, I have no fanbase and I don’t think I’ll ever have a huge following of people. So that’s good! No one really cares about what I write. And there you have it! I do have some close friends and all, but nobody checks up on whether I’ve published a book or not. In addition, I don’t really care about other people’s opinions of me either. I’ll write about whatever I damn well please, regardless of what someone else says.

I’m not concerned about people buying my books or not. They can buy ’em and burn ’em for all I care. People will think and say whatever they want to. Writing a story and voicing my political views are two very different things. However, every writer I’ve known have placed their views into their own story, whether it’s subtle or not. It actually doesn’t matter. 

A writer should be allowed to discuss whatever topic they want: it could be about sex, religion, and politics. However, just because a character is depressed in a book doesn’t mean the author is depressed as well. If a character does or says something, it doesn’t automatically mean the author agrees or disagrees with it either. People should stop bashing authors based on their stories alone. If you hate the book, that’s fine. Do a book review on it, but don’t crucify the writer and threaten them. Besides, actions speak louder than words.

Also, people should be smart enough to know what offends them and what doesn’t. If you know you’re reading an offensive book, don’t complain about it afterwards. If you don’t like a certain genre, then don’t pick it up and read it.

Anyway, this site will still be up, but I won’t be updating as much (that’s a given)…unless I’m publishing something. Thanks to the haters online, who’ve been trying to intimidate me. Not surprised in the least. These people are just big babies and I don’t take any of their silly threats seriously.

In fact, they made me more determined to spread the word on every blog I can think of.

Will this new site contain satire?


I have no idea.

All the world's a stage

Some of it will be heavy, serious stuff. It may not be recommended for a younger audience. I could post videos from my favorite channels and leave it at that for now.

Question Mark

Who knows? 

My new blog will be under entertainment and culture… I think? It’ll be educational as well, but I’m not really a teacher in any field. I figured I’d leave it in the video category.

Tea Time!So anyway, it all started when I couldn’t log into my Wordpress account. It’s never happened before, but I know I was hacked. Nothing seems out of place right now and I’ll probably go back and take a closer look.

It’s happened to me on Twitter as well; I’ve had to reset everything and it’s been kind of annoying. I have a two-step verification system, where it sends you a text on your phone and even that isn’t working. 

Once again, it’s never happened before… none of my texts were coming in and my Internet was just fine. I waited a minute before sending another text and still not one code. It has been like this all day. Finally, I found my special codes and logged in. Someone had been visiting my blog at the time, just one person.

Whoever visited my blog, read a particular post. Anyhoo, I always check my stats and every WordPress blog has one. It lets people know who’s been looking at what posts and where they come from. For some reason, it doesn’t show where this person comes from no matter what I do. It shows one little bar and that’s it. I even visited my blog again (not logged in) and it marked me as a second visitor, revealing the map of my location and everything, including the posts, the sites I linked from.

In addition, I got all my phone texts afterwards when I changed my security settings, which just makes me more suspicious. It’s all very weird. Luckily, I have nothing of importance on here or value. No credit card information and so on. But I got my blog back, so everything’s okay now. 😀 This was not a glitch whatsoever.

I’ve been harassed online before…I don’t know why exactly. I guess people think I’m an easy target or something. If I refuse to read or edit people’s stories or if I don’t reply to someone’s email, I get a lot of hate for that. I think that’s why I had to close down several accounts in the past, because of too much drama.

Some people get so angry and upset over the stupidest things. My blogs are not controversial at all by the way. I post about writing and my experiences with self-publishing, but people will find anything offensive these days.

I’m off to create my new blog.

Hero Time!

Wish me good luck!

Watching Godawful Horror Flicks: I’m Making A List and Checking It Twice!

studyingI’m making a Grammar Checklist for myself as I go through certain chapters of NR. Got a small notebook here for myself. As I’m reading, I’ll jot down what’s missing and what sentences seem unclear. This way I can keep a track of what I’ve found. Putting down the page number and paragraph helps me to find it later on. I’ll place the word that’s missing or what needs fixing. Even write down a few notes.

It’s nothing much…

Little Cowboy

The same channel I was watching the other day that had really bad vampire shows… now has nothing but godawful horror flicks. And these seem pretty recent too. I think they’re all sequels to some popular original movie, because I keep seeing movie 4 or movie 6. Is this what passes off as horror and suspense nowadays? I saw one of the films (#4 – big mistake!) and then I had to turn it off. It was that bad. So very stupid.

Yes, it’s gory and somewhat bloody pointless… but it’s things we’ve seen before. Something about a bunch of college kids, who look like they’re in their 30s or 40s, who are lost in a snow storm and seek shelter at an asylum. Was the director even trying here? None of it made any sense whatsoever.

Not only was I not even scared, this movie felt more like a comedy. A really cheesy one. Who gives these people money? ‘Cause I’d like to know. If I had that kind of money to direct a movie, I’d probably hire some better actors first. Ones that don’t look like porn stars. Then, have someone help me write a well thought out script –– you know, one that actually has a story (a beginning, middle, and end) and makes a lick of sense.

It’s kind of sad seeing a film, where no one is even trying to do something right, especially acting. Put some effort into it. Could they not find and hire someone talented enough, who might’ve actually cared about the job? Even the editing in this film was horrendous. Did no one say, during production… “Maybe we shouldn’t be making this film at all? This movie really sucks, guys…”

In fact, I just didn’t care for any of the characters and wished for all of them to be dead. Is that bad? I must be heartless, ’cause the only good scene was the end. Those rolling credits must’ve cost them a fortune to make! All these films suffer from the same thing: they have horrible acting, bad storylines, terrible special effects, and are filled to the brim with cliches.


  • Hot chicks with big breasts. CHECK!
  • Death to those who have sex. CHECK!
  • All cops are unprepared and brainless. CHECK!
  • Protagonist thinks they got away, but didn’t. CHECK!
  • Inbred monsters, who are ugly beyond all reason. CHECK!

I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve seen Indie horror films that are better than this dreck. Oh well… C’est la vie! That’s life!

Back to my favorite and beloved show of all time!

How To Properly Vacuum A Cat…178920

Lost All My Art Programs Because of Mac OS X 10.11.14 Update?!

...I updated my Mac and now I can’t use any of my art programs. I can’t use Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and InDesign CS2. I’ve been up all night and this morning, trying to get a hold of someone who can help me.

If I get no answers by the end of the day, I will have to reinstall Snow Leopard again and spend the whole day installing all my programs. I don’t understand why I need to update my computer every fucking year when I can’t use half of my programs? What is the point Apple? You guys at Apple need to stop deceiving people into getting these updates they don’t need. Stop doing this bullshit! Do I have to buy new software every year, because of these stupid updates? This is a waste of my time.

Yes, there’s a nice desktop screen image, but now I can’t design any of my book covers, inside or out. Thanks Apple, thanks a lot for nothing.FU! 

How To Create Realistic Characters: General Tips For Self-Publishing & Indie Authors

....This is a very random post, but it’s going to be an important one. I used to write posts like these everyday, when I first started out, about four years ago. I gave advice on how self-published writers can help themselves and do better.

It wasn’t because I was an expert––because let’s face, I’m not an expert on anything. I’m just an ordinary nobody: a writer who loves to write. That’s it! I’m not famous. I’m not a bestselling author, who has sold a million copies.

I’m not Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Edgar Allan Poe, [insert popular writer here], and I will probably never be one of The Greats like them. I didn’t have anyone to help me when I was first starting out. That’s why I created this blog, because I wanted my experiences (good or bad) to aid struggling writers, who were just like me. If I fail in the process, then maybe you can learn from me and succeed. I may not have a chance, but you might.

For general stuff and some helpful links, they are on the headers above you. There’s a list of posts with tons of information I’ve collected over the years. In addition, there’s duplicate links. Everything’s at the right hand side, down below. There’s a list of resources at your every disposal. I list and name the most important ones. I haven’t looked back at some of these old posts, so there may be some horrible grammar mistakes in them.

Any websites I’ve named or shared with you, some of the links may be down or broken. I have corrected and updated a few posts, but not every one of them. If you want to know more about self-publishing from my experiences, it’s right there for you to look up and read.

I haven’t written any advice blogs lately or general info on self-published books, because quite frankly it’s time consuming and I just don’t have the time anymore. Not to mention, I too have tons of projects to do. Even though I don’t look busy, I’m constantly thinking about my projects. However, since I have more time than usual I’m going to try to give some tips, and you’ve probably stopped reading at this point. That’s fine. I’ll carry on. 

A Slap In The Face...Once again, I never write book reviews. I’ll say this again. I don’t write reviews on any books I’ve read in the past, especially after what I’ve seen and been through. If I ever gave you a book review in your life, consider yourself lucky, because I will never do that again. Trust me when I say this, I’ve done book reviews for friends and it has ended friendships.

I’ve read books from many Indie authors in Writer’s groups, chatrooms, and in forums. Many of them now hate me for life when I told them I didn’t read their books. If I give them my honest opinion about their books (the parts I didn’t like reading), I am deeply resented and hated for it. I have even been harassed and stalked because of it. This is the world we now live in. People will always be offended. It doesn’t matter what I say or do, I probably have more enemies than friends. And they tend to be other writers. This is no joke.

When it comes to self-published writers, I find it harder to write reviews, because I’ve been there. I understand the pain, the loneliness, and the isolation a lot of writers go Crying..through. Nobody wants to read our stories. Not even our own family members believe writing is a serious career. People laugh at you. Mock you. They think we’re crazy…and maybe some of us are.

We writers tend to take things too personal. We want people to love our books. Who wants bad reviews? Grant it, every author/writer is going to believe they have the greatest story ever and that it must be shared with the entire world. This is our life’s work. How could anyone not love our characters that we spent 50 years creating? Why would anyone hate us for a book? 

Sweatdrop...If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Let’s get to the point of this discussion.

I read something today…

Have you ever read the first chapter of a novel and was like…

[insert funny image below]


And I won’t say what the title was or who the author is, but it was a book written by a self-published author. The first chapter is everything I basically feared it would be. A disaster. It was like watching a train wreck happen, except this time I was reading it in a book. I don’t know why I continued reading it, but I did.

I reached a scene where I was rolling my eyes…and I had to stop myself completely. I will never pick it up and read it again. The grammar wasn’t too horrendously bad; however, the paragraphs were extremely long. None of the characters’ motivations made any sense. Extreme violence and gore for the sake of shock value only. No reason for things happening.

...No explanation whatsoever. There was no point in continuing it at all. If you really don’t care about your characters and storyline that much, why should I? Why would any reader for that matter? Why care about characters that are given no physical descriptions whatsoever, no backstory, no history on?

Not even the dialogue was remotely interesting. Just curse words galore. Trust me when I say this, I am not a prude and I can tolerant quite a lot. However, what I can’t stand is serious lack of character development and just bad storytelling in general.

Not every person talks the same way, especially if they’re not the same age. Children do not speak the same way as adults do. Boys and girls may say the same things, but certain words may have a different meaning, depending on their gender. People of different backgrounds and social status will have unique mannerisms, education, and speaking habits. Using racial stereotypes will not give you any award points, unless you can do something unique with them.


Constant usage of cliches are not a good sign of storytelling. Even if your book is horror…if every chapter is filled with nothing but rape, violence, and gore this is not a good sign of storytelling. In fact, these are the opposite. Very bad signs. Use them sparingly.

Just because it’s horror doesn’t mean you should throw all the characters and the entire story and plot under a bus for instant gory gratification. If you want to kill all your characters, that’s fine by me. You do whatever the hell you want to. But I’d rather read a good horror story that made me feel something for the characters, besides pain and torture. Make us root for them to survive these horrors. Go for the Goal!!!

Make the women fight back and actually win. They’re not all helpless victims and just folder for your sick, twisted, power hungry male fantasies. There, I said it. 😐 I’ll probably get like ten million e-mail messages of hate or spam for this. Bring it on!

If you want an emotional and powerful scene that’s on the edge of your seat action-packed, your characters shouldn’t be making jokes or talking about how sexy it is about being raped. Especially, not while they’re actually being raped by someone they’ve trusted and known for years. Love is not rape. Rape is not love. It’s about power over someone else (control of an individual).

When a character has nearly been beaten to death, it’s not funny if they think this is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unless, you’re doing a satire or some dark comedy that deals with some political elements, then I can understand somewhat. If you want us to feel anything for your characters, in life and death situations…you need to watch real, true crime stories about people in the actual world. Please, read history, nonfiction books, and biographies.

Remember self-publishers, please make a new paragraph after 4 or 5 sentences. If it’s six short sentences, it’s fine. You can leave it. But please indent your spaces for crying out loud. It is much harder for a reader to view and read a page full of sentences without a page break, an indentation, or a space between them. Also, it just looks more professional and neater that way, breaking the paragraphs up, and it helps with the flow of reading your words faster.


All right, after that very long rant. I’m going to show you how to fix these problems…

Please, do not set your computer on fire.


  1. First of all, have you heard of building your own character profile? This time actually write one out: Name, Age, Height, Weight, Personality, Description, Hairstyle, Lifestyle, Race, Blood Type, Gender, Education, Goals, Fears, Family Members, Weaknesses, Strengths, Pet Peeves, Job, etc, etc.
  2. Make them have actual, real flaws. And no, not liking Elton John is not a fatal flaw in anyone’s character. That’s a Personal Preference or a Pet Peeve. Get it right! It could be Depression, Addiction, Narcissism, Spoiled Brat, Egos, Ignorance, Arrogance, Vanity, Naive/Gullible, Greed, Mental Disorders, Eating Disorders, Phobias, and so on and so on.
  3. Finding a voice for your character is difficult, but it’s not impossible to do. Depending on the race and social status of your character, look up possible slang terms and vocabulary online. Do they curse a lot, and why? Does your character have a thick Southern accent? Are they from a strict, religious upbringing? Do they say, “Ma’am or Madam,” “Them or ’em,” “Can’t or cannot,” “Want or wanna?”
  4. Descriptions need to be realistic in a sense that not every character should be played by a sexy, super model. What makes your character unique from all the ten million other characters? Why should the readers care? How do other characters view this character? Why are they good or bad?
  5. Making Villains: Why is this villain any different from the others? Why should we care about this villain? How did they become a villain? What were they like before? And please, don’t say they want to rule the world and make a lot of money. If everyone’s dead, how are they ruling the world? How will they make millions of money on a virus that destroys everything in sight? Ask yourself this… if my villain rules the world and has all the money/power, what will they do next? Will they go to Switzerland? Are they going to open a checking account? Maybe pick up basket weaving as a hobby? If you come up blank, there’s something obviously wrong with your villain. There are better things than ruling the world, unless your character is some body-snatching, sort of alien species or a plant fungus.


  1. Who? What? Why? And How?
  2. What are your characters’ true intentions?
  3. Good or bad?
  4. Why do they think this way?
  5. Once again, why should the readers care?
  6. How does your character accomplish their dreams and goals?
  7. What do they think about constantly?
  8. What do they strive to do in life?
  9. Why are they determined to reach this goal?
  10. What happens if they fail in reaching this goal, how would they react to this situation?
  11. If they give up, what would they do next?
  12. How would they move on?
  13. What happens if they succeed, how would they react to this?
  14. What other goals do they have in mind?
  15. What do they love to do?
  16. What do they hate to do?
  17. What are they most afraid of?
  18. What are they not afraid of?
  19. What are their insecurities and flaws? Please explain why.
  20. Internal and external conflicts? Explain what makes them tick.
  21. What are their views about themselves and the world around them?
  22. Who inspires them the most?


  1. Show Don’t Tell.
  2. Location, location, location.
  3. Build a scenery and expand on it.
  4. What does the house look like? Where’s the furniture? Is there a lakeside view? What’s the park look like?
  5. Where is this story taking place? And why should we care?
  6. What is the weather like outside?
  7. Use the 5 Senses. Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.
  8. Less can be more. Unless you’re writing horror. However, readers do have imaginations. So less graphic and gory details can be powerful in certain situations.
  9. Use foreshadowing. I hardly see this in Indie books anymore. Stop spoon feeding the readers on every exposition. Give them vague little clues. Make them think a little. Your readers are not stupid and will probably figure it out anyway, before the end of the book.
  10. Every chapter should have conflict, whether it’s internal or external conflicts. It should make the reader want to continue and find out what happens next. Use plot points to help you move the story forward, not backward.
  11. Use plot twists sparingly.
  12. Do not end every chapter with a cliffhanger. It gets annoying after awhile.
  13. Please describe emotions in physical details. Having a character say, “I’m afraid” is not showing emotion. Having a character sweating profusely and stuttering their words often is showing one of the signals of fear or shyness.
  14. Get rid of unnecessary repetition/dialogue. If you describe a scene or a character in vivid detail, please do not repeat the same thing over and over again, in the exact same chapter… in the very next page or paragraph.
  15. Limit cursing in descriptions, unless it’s for a POV of a character or their dialect.
  16. Character thoughts should be limited, especially in a life and death situation or a scene that’s meant to be tragic. Too much internal dialogue can actually ruin a powerful or emotional scene. Jokes in a rape scene are not funny or witty, especially coming from a character who’s a rape victim. It doesn’t make the scene sad at all. In fact, it’s more of a gimmick for shock value that demeans the character and the integrity of the author. It makes the writer look like an amateur (or a sicko) whichever one, who has no intentions on learning the moral implications of what real rape victims and survivors go through. Period. END OF STORY.

Let’s just make this clear. I have no problems with rape in any story; however, it is not erotica or romantic if there is no consent between (only adults) both parties. I will not discuss this any further, since this is a huge Pet Peeve of mine. But whatever, that’s just my personal preference. Go ahead and enjoy your rape fantasy novels, because I really don’t care. 😀

So that’s it. I hope this helps in some way. I’ll probably write more later.


But for now, I’m going to sit in my corner of shame and bleach my eyes out…

The Walking Dead Rant: Worst Season Finale In History! You Lost Me As A Fan.

 This was me after watching the Walking Dead.


There aren’t any spoilers, because last night’s episode NOTHING HAPPENED!

Dear AMC,


Last night I was very disappointed with all the commercial breaks. These actually weren’t very good nor were any of these funny commercials. It was like 30-40 minutes of you pounding our skulls in with a sledgehammer and force feeding us dribble about that other show called Fear: TWD, which to me is one of your worst shows ever. There was another show preview called the Preacher, based off some comic book. Then, there were more car commercials, video games, etc etc. 

While watching this episode, you had our beloved characters basically drive around in a RV for an hour and a half. They turned around whenever they had a road block or if there was something blocking the path. Oh, let’s say a chain of zombies and a bunch of trees. Then, they drove around some more, and that was it.

You had Morgan chasing after Carol, who didn’t want to be saved. I don’t know why Carol has now become the butt of this joke. Does she really believe she’ll never have to kill, if she leaves the group? Um… how many people did she kill just driving down a block? It wasn’t even five minutes when she left Alexandria. Wasn’t it like four or five of Negan’s men? The reasoning behind her stupidity was too much for me to take it all seriously.

...Her saying, “I can’t kill anymore!” and firing a million rounds of ammo into Negan’s men is quite hilarious. That’s like a Vegan saying, “I can’t eat meat!” only for them to order the chicken salad right after that.

And then… once she escapes from Morgan, she basically gives up and wants to die. Not in a blaze of glory! She does laugh a little, but gets shot not once but twice. Also, she’s bleeding from her stomach. She’s still not dead? 😐 Thank God Morgan can kill again, but it’s far too late to salvage what’s been done.

Anyway, some men dressed in sci-fi armor, mostly biker knee pads and car mats, riding horses saved the day. They looked kind of lost and didn’t fit in properly. Were they coming from an anime convention just down the road? What the hell…? 

Anyhoo, I was really excited to see Negan actually kill someone, because I’m sure I wasn’t the only person alone, waiting in an anticipation. After having to wait a week, I think you should’ve respected your fans more and given them what they wanted. However, Negan doesn’t show up until the very last 15 minutes of the show at around 10:15 p.m. Then, he gives a speech for another 10 more minutes.

I’m looking at my watch this time. You had me up until this moment. It was very intense and the look on Rick’s face said it all. More intense then that video game trailer called Overwatch that I watched before Negan stepped out, which took up like 5 extra minutes of my time.

Question MarkThroughout this episode, I don’t understand how Rick and his group couldn’t fight back. Aren’t they seasoned killers? They should be able to take down a few guys, even though Rick’s overconfident, they’ve been through worse. The writing was terrible. Rick should have killed off the first group at the first roadblock.

And who was that guy, running in the woods that you had killed? I don’t know him and why should we care? I can’t remember his name for the life of me, and yet you had him show up throughout this one episode, even until his death. 

Anyway, the ending was the worst of all. After Negan couldn’t decide who to kill, I rolled my eyes. Some great and powerful villain can’t make up his mind?! How is this one guy capable of handling an army of men, if he can’t decide something as simple as this?  I imagined him every morning, deciding if he should go with black coffee or iced tea? Does it take 100 men for him to change a light bulb? I wonder…

Then, he does the eeny, meeny, miny, moe song and turns around to kill one of the cameramen, filming the shot. I feel sorry for that poor cameraman now. He didn’t have a chance! Didn’t he have a wife and four kids? I think I’ve had enough of your gimmicks AMC. 😐 Now, I know what AMC really stands for: ALWAYS MORE CLIFFHANGERS.Depressed

AMC, not only is that ending a cop-out…this is really bad writing. By not showing us who Negan killed, you kind of let us all down, including me. You ruined what could have been potentially the best death scene ever. You couldn’t decide who to kill, because you were afraid of losing half of your fans. You wanted to drag this out even more and since you’re only thinking about the money, you probably lost half your fanbase already.

FU!Well, when you start treating your fans like shit and continue to think of them as mindless idiots, it doesn’t matter who you kill after this point. You’ve got some serious ego, kid. I won’t be waiting for you when you come back. Not for another day, not for six months. At this point, I really don’t care who dies.

I guess someone could’ve, almost, maybe, sort of died in this episode. It could’ve been Eugene or Abe, could’ve been Daryl––I mean, he’s got his own reality show now, so that must mean something. Right? Regardless of what happens, I won’t be a sucker anymore for zombies and continue watching your show.

Sincerely, but not yours anymore,


P.S. You’ll probably find me online (bored to death) somewhere between the Twitter feed or on Tumblr, reading and posting everyone’s frustrations for all to see. Nah! I’ve got a life somewhere. From now on, what I’ll do with my free time is continue writing my own stories and hope someday I’ll be as big as you.

However, I won’t resort to quick parlor tricks, wonky camera gimmicks, and cliffhangers to kill off my nonexistent fanbase. I’ll treat my fans with respect and give them what they want. Don’t you try come looking for me AMC. Don’t you dare! I’m warning you. When October comes around, I will never return.

Just kidding!

Evil smirk

Or am I… ?

Camp Nano Day 2: Drowning In A Sea of Doubt…

This will be quick and painless…

I'm dead

I’m finding it harder each day to continue with NR. In fact, this third book probably needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be rewritten and I’m struggling to keep it together. I read some of the chapters and I just can’t stand it.


I hate the entire thing, which is really bad. I don’t know what’s missing… is it just me? Is it doubt? Is it the fear of not doing better than the previous two books? I don’t how other writers do book series, ’cause this is too much stress.

Should I just stop this series completely, since no one really cares about it? Who cares if I finish it or not? Nobody’s going to read it. Would anyone demand to know how it all ends?

I’m going to try writing in my notebook, instead of on the computer. I am just under a lot of pressure right now. And knowing that I’m a complete perfectionist isn’t helping me one bit…

Huge Problems With The C.O. – Part 3!!

This is my reaction after getting an email from the Copyright Office, stating it does not accept loose leaf printouts of my novel.anigif_enhanced-30099-1434481190-9.gif

They accept Hardcover and Paperback books ONLY?!  WTF?!

Anyway you look at it… and pardon my French, ’cause I’m very pissed off here when I say this.



They want all the pages to be glued together. What kind of shit is this? What happens if I hadn’t published the sequel in the first place, would they still be forcing me to give them a hardcover or paperback book?

This is the most stupidest, fucked up thing I’ve ever heard in a long time. Now, I have to go to Createspace and order two paperback copies. After wasting nearly $300 bucks making two copies of the book and shipping it out next day delivery. Did I mention I did this a day or two before Christmas? I have to wait maybe two or three weeks to get my books physically made and shipped out to my house. Then, I have to ship it to them myself. Even with fast shipping, this is the earliest I can get the books and that’s two weeks. Did I mention I have a deadline?

Not only do I start new training next week for my job, but I have to go through this bullshit again. Who’s running the Goddamn Copyright Office? And why do I need to follow these new freaking rules all of a sudden? Did you know with the first novel I never had to send out anything? I never had to ship them a damn thing. Everything was online. What the hell do these people want from me?!

I am Godzilla!

I’m so fucking angry right now that’s it not even funny anymore…

Trouble From The Copyright Office – Part 2

This is probably the worst experience I’ve ever had dealing with The Copyright Office. Three years ago, I copyrighted my first novel, Nightmarish Reality. I had no problems downloading it onto the site, where they give you an option to upload files into their system. Within less than a year, I was able to get a certificate validating my copyright registration.

Now, after three years, they jack up the price of the fee from $34 dollars to $55 dollars, without any notice. The person who emailed me, her name was Heather, and she told me that they still need a hard copy of my file. They need two copies. But get this… they have the option to upload files into their system; however, they cannot open the files and view anything themselves. Then, what is the point of uploading files, if you still need a hard copy no matter what?

Angry as hell!

So, I ask this question. WHY DO YOU HAVE IT? A SYSTEM THAT DOESN’T WORK? None of it makes any sense. Why offer that option, if people have to still deliver a package to the Copyright Office with their 356 page manuscript? You either pick one or the other. If one doesn’t work, then why won’t you change it?! If you cannot read files that people uploaded onto your site, then why deceive people and say it’ll take 6 to 8 months if they send it to you electronically, compared to a physical snail mail copy and having people wait a whole Goddamn year.

Does any of this make any freaking sense?


Not only that, but I have a limited time to respond to my case. If I do not respond soon enough or if I don’t follow their instructions carefully, I will have to register my sequel again…they will not refund me the $55 dollars. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s two days before Christmas and the Copyright Office has to bring up this shit. Seriously?!

So… do you know what I did today…


I went to a UPS store and printed out 356 pages of my manuscript, which costs $75 bucks. In total, I spent $154.88 for Express Delivery. My manuscript should get to Washington by tomorrow. Yeah, that’s how pissed off I am. Not only that, but they had specific instructions on the packaging. None of the packages or containers they had at the store even matched their descriptions. 12 x 14 x 4. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m hoping and praying that whoever works at the Copyright Office better accept my manuscript, because I’m getting too old for this crap.

I would hate to wait another 6 months to a year just to get a one page letter that says I have a copyright registration. Is this a joke? What happened three years ago? Did they fire everyone for the holidays? Does only one person work in the Copyright Office now? Why is it so hard to file a copyright registration? This is the most ridiculous and the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

This better be the last of it, ’cause I do not want to spend the whole month trying to fix this issue. Just file the damn book and send me my registration papers. It’s one page. I have the letter of my first novel. It’s just ONE PAGE PEOPLE and it’s a few words and some number, and that’s it. 😐 I’ll be in my room, trying to blow off some steam.

I'm dead

The Walking Dead Show Needs To Wrap It Up!

YawnFolks, this was me during yesterday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Been there, done that. I’ve never been so bored in my life. This was a huge disappointment for me.

Yes, the church fell over and there were zombies everywhere. We were waiting for this moment to happen, this big episode before the last finale… and they just didn’t deliver it. We get some lame fighting scenes with Morgan and Carol.

I don’t understand how Carol could be so easily defeated. Where is your gun woman? Not to mention, Morgan is the stupidest person ever.  I hate you, Morgan. I used to love you before, but seriously…you are too stupid. How are you still alive? Trying to save the life of a guy, who clearly doesn’t care about how precious life is… and now he ends up taking one of the Alexandrians with him as a hostage. Great job!

I didn’t really care much about Deanna…am I even spelling her name right? And why is Father Gabriel still alive? He should’ve been killed off instead, a long long time ago. I’d like to see him die. 😐 No, I mean it. Give him the worst death ever!

And why is that boy still alive after trying to kill Carl? In fact, why is Morgan still there in Alexandria? After the stunt he pulled off before with the Wolves, and Michonne and Rick talking to him at that meeting, Morgan should’ve been kicked out of town from the gecko. Period. No questions asked.


Rick should’ve been like, “I’m thankful about what you did for me in the past, but I’m sorry… this relationship is just not gonna work out.”

And then, walk Morgan to the gate and KICK HIM OUT! It’s as simple as that. You guys are making it way too complicated.

I'm hit!

But for some reason, during this episode, I didn’t feel any tension at all for any of the characters. After building up on so much for Glenn’s fake death, this is what we get? I’m not really looking forward to next week’s episode at all. Now, we have another Wannabe Governor. I’ll just be rolling my eyes during the whole thing.

AMC, what are you doing? You took a good show and you’re milking it for all it’s worth. Not a good idea. And no one cares about Badlands either. It’s like the worst show ever with a bunch of other cliches from every other popular movie I’ve seen. I couldn’t even get through one episode of it, because that’s how bad it is. Geez, sexist much?

I love the Asian actor in it, since he’s been in a lot of films (even Blade), but could you maybe have boys and girls both training to be assassins? It seemed like the only reason for girls to be there is to look pretty, look pretty while fighting, and then have sex. It would’ve been nice if the Chosen Boy happened to be a Chosen Girl instead. Now, that would’ve been interesting.

Anyway… AMC, what is going on with the writers and writing of this show? This season has been the weakest ever that I’ve watched so far. As you can see from the funny gif image at the top, they need to end this show quickly, before it gets any worse. Because I may not be watching any more of it…


TWD Recap: Losing Its Ground Fast… Magical Things Just Happen!


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was just meh…


Even though Daryl was there… it wasn’t that great.


I have a sinking feeling that if they don’t wrap up this show soon, I will not continue watching it. A lot of things happened and none of it made any sense to me. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham get ambushed by some group… they end up getting separated. Again. Daryl gets hurt, gets tied up by this couple, who think he’s with the bad guys. Daryl runs away and gets his crossbow back, including a bag with some Insulin.

He goes back to help the diabetic girl, who was with the couple. I don’t even know if it’s the couple’s friend or a family member, but anyway the bad group comes along. One of the bad guys gets bitten by a zombie and asks his friend to cut off his arm. It’s done so easily off screen and we hardly hear the guy even screaming. I’m sorry, but cutting off an arm shouldn’t be that easy to do.

And what kind of tools are there anyway? Who has a pair of scissors, knifes, or anything these days? This bad guy shouldn’t even be alive! After losing your arm, the shock and loss of blood would be enough to kill anybody. He’ll bleed out so fast, seeing as there’s hardly any medical supplies in this world to patch that. Not to mention, he’ll die of infection either way. You guys are in the middle of the woods! Where’s the nearest hospital?

Anyway, the couple takes him to this burnt up shack in the middle of nowhere and they find out two of their friends are now dead. I felt nothing at this point. We didn’t even know them, so why should we care? The younger girl tries to put flowers beside the corpses to show some respect for the dead, and the corpses come alive… guess what? She falls and gets eaten! 😐 Really? WTF?! After that, they bury her body. Then, Daryl asks the couple the three questions Rick always asks someone, so he knows that he can trust them.

The couple answer correctly, but then when Daryl takes them back to where his motorcycle is, they hold up a gun to his face and rob him of his bike and crossbow. After this stupidity… Daryl somehow magically finds a working vehicle with plenty of gas. Once again and I repeat, in the middle of the woods, surrounded completely in bushes and shrubs. What’s funny about this is… he finds it like a few feet away from where he crashed landed with his bike. Can we say convenient plot device?

I felt this was lazy writing in general, because what are the chances of him finding a vehicle that’s not rusted entirely and still working, not to mention, still has gas to get him where he wants? Like a million to one?

Very weird episode… ...And it doesn’t get any better.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham are off on their own, somewhere. They find a place of shelter in some office building, and come across a zombie that’s trapped inside a glass room. They don’t kill it, because it doesn’t pose a threat to them. I would’ve killed it, since it’s making so much noise. But what do I know? Anyway, they talk and I forgot exactly what they were talking about, because this is the part I started to lose my mind and boredom kicked in. Sasha just asks Abraham if he wants to go to sleep or be a lookout. Abraham doesn’t pick any of those choices and goes off on his own––great idea by the way!

....[Insert sarcastic remark here]

Weren’t you guys ambushed just a second ago? I’d be staying indoors, if I were you. Get this, folks… Abraham finds weapons outside and a bazooka tied to a zombie. Even the best, finest imported cigarettes from Brazil (or whatever country), ’cause we all know Abraham loves to smoke and drink. He plays Russian Roulette with the zombie and then gives up. I haven’t got the faintest idea why he’s doing this, because it’s stupid behavior like that, that actually gets people killed in Zombieland. Moving along, the zombie is hanging on the edge of a bridge and falls off, but the bazooka weapon still remains there, so Abraham can now pick it up with ease. Once again, it seems that things just magically fall into our characters’ lap with little or no effort at all. 😐

Then, Abraham comes back… and asks Sasha… out on a date? Whaaa…? Abraham, don’t you already have a girlfriend? I seriously didn’t see this coming. But whoever wrote that line needs to be shot––it’s a ridiculous ploy to move the freaking plot. There are no romantic tensions between any of these two characters! I’m not saying that they shouldn’t get together or be together, but can we get back to the real story here? Wasn’t this about Rick’s plan failing, the Alexandrians learning how to fight the Wolves, and the zombie herd?

Maybe after Rosita dies horribly, then Abraham and Sasha can hook up… but I don’t understand where this is coming from? There was nothing leading us to this relationship. They weren’t batting eyelashes at each other––the only concern was Abraham went with Sasha, so she wouldn’t act like an idiot on a suicide mission and get herself killed. Now, Abraham’s the one acting like the total idiot. Stop reversing the roles! Sasha has no interests in Abraham at all.

After losing everyone she loves, she’s still trying to grieve and find herself in all this mess. I highly doubt she’ll be dating anyone in Zombieland for a very very long time. She’s going through so much shit right now––give the woman some space to breath, for God’s sake! Good grief, people. Ugh, I have a headache. >_<  Let me end this quick, before I kill myself. Daryl finds Sasha and Abraham, I don’t know how. At this point, I gave up and stopped caring for all the characters and the possibility of a coherent storyline altogether.

Someone on the radio calls for “Help.” We don’t know who it is, but it sure doesn’t sound like Glen. Last episode of the Walking Dead will not show Glen and I know this, because they’re going to drag this show for all it’s worth, until people get fed up and it crashes and burns.

Report's gone..

So far, the third worst episode in this season… right next to Morgan’s 90 minute journey (which is still #1 Worst Episode Ever), and second place is The Governor’s Hobo Episodic Series.