The Characters

Colored by DracoPlato

Zander Russell:

He is shy, introverted, and keeps to himself.  Often hides his emotions such as anger and sorrow, which makes him bitter inside.  He thinks the whole world is against him.










Art by Nicoy


Stephan Fairbanks:

Hardly shows any of his emotions, stoned-faced. Very quiet personality, well mannered, and behaved. Loves to read books all day and spends hours studying art and culture. He is an intellectual person, who has the brains in the family.








Art by Nicoy



Ikeda Cortes:

Rude and cruel at times, displays childlike personality. Never takes anything serious. Always loves a good joke. Often reckless, yet regards being decent.








Art by Nicoy




Rue Chang:

Controlling, manipulative, and yet calm. Can be aggressive at times, cynical, and egotistical maniac.

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